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Phoenix Entertainment and Sports

Mission Statement

***15+, application required***

Phoenix is a recent rebrand and restructuring of our previous esports organization, Carnage, that we're working on growing. Esports has changed a lot over the years, and with that our goals as a company and brand have changed. In today's esports world, there are lots of ways to become involved with the scene and solidify a brand. We will be focusing more on media and apparel, but will be working with players in a different capacity. Our plan is to give more of these players a home to hone their craft and reach their goals, without such a laser focus on the esports scene itself. Whatever type of player you are, if you are passionate and dedicated to your craft, we want you as a part of our community and to help grow our fanbase. 


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Its Impose

29th Dec 2020 - 10:12pm

Hey I'm a fortnite PC player looking for competitive team was in champions division last season. Discord is Its Impose#3103


14th Nov 2020 - 1:37am
  • My name is Carl
  • I'm 19 years old
  • I play Smite (JG, SUPP, SOLO), League of Legends (JG, SUPP, TOP), and NBA2k (CENTER, POWER FORWARD, SMALL FORWARD)
  • I want to play these games professionally
  • I learned to be less toxic to trash people


27th Jul 2020 - 4:39pm

So, I want to start off with saying I am 18. I play a few games but my game of choice is Smite. I would love to get involved in a team that plays it. If I have to I can try out for the clan since I saw Smite in the listings. 


27th Jul 2020 - 7:05am

I’m a Xbox player and I play Apex Legends, Call of duty modern warfare and call of duty infinite warfare. I’m decent at all those games. I’m just looking to join a clan for fun and not for competitive. 


15th Jul 2020 - 9:16am

Hi my name is Thomas I'm 15 I'm not toxic unless you're toxic to me. 

I love playing Rainbow Six Siege I’m always down to play competitive. 

For clips check out my Instagram @disabledthomas 

I don't care if you a small clan I would like to join.

Platform: Playstation 4 Games: Rainbow Six Siege  Role: I enjoy playing Hard breacher but I can play anything, except shield. I'm down to play to a role/game plan.

My Rank is Gold 1 for Steel Wave I'm trying to hit plat 3 at least. I would love to play in small time tournaments I would love to play scrimmages and win a small bit of money but just tournaments for fun.

My callouts are okay there are some rooms I don't know but i'll do my best to give you the information needed. I would love to play scrimmages  

My PSN is DisabledThomas- 


2nd Jul 2020 - 8:49pm

I'm a decent fortnite player on pc and Xbox but im trying to improve to be better at the game so I stand a chance against all the sweats that take the game seriously



19th May 2020 - 1:59pm

Hello! My name is Kian Or Ocean. I am a semi-pro fortnite player who has 2500+ points in arena, A k/d of 4.2, A win rate of 3.00%, and 7,030 kills. I have been playing since season 2 and a half, and have many OG skins (not that it matters). I like to play Box fights, 1v1s, Scrims, Arena, Solo-Squads and Tournaments. I play in tournaments every Sunday. I do not play in fortnite created tournaments because I do not have 2FA. I play in wagers, customs and scrims. I have £40 in earnings and I am making my way to earning more. I am a hybrid player, I play on PS4 And PC. I am very advanced on PS4, But I am very good on PC too. I can do high-ground retakes and I can hit consistent headshots. I can also edit incredibly fast. I am looking for a clan who is supportive of others, non-toxic and growing. My epic username does not work with some people if they want to add me, I am not sure as to why this is but I will try and figure it out. My epic and PS4 username are: PC_Ocean. If you would like to contact me, contact me via email. My email is [email protected]. No spam or unnecessary email.  I will leave my twitch link under this. My Twitch:


15th May 2020 - 2:38pm

My fortnite username is Essax_Imran. Please let me in the clan. I really want to boost your clan and play with you people. Thank you.