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Order of the Dark Dragons

Mission Statement

Welcome, Guardians, to The Order of the Dark Dragons! Here we are about teamwork in everything we do. from the frozen tundra of Russia to the sandy shores of Mars, we patrol to fight back the darkness. Gear up, and move out! Don't Die!
Grand Master of the Order (Founder/Clan Leader-X360, XBOXO, XBOXX): DeathDealer1975
Knight Master of the Order (Co - Founder - X360, XBOXO): Arbl
Sr. Knight Commanders - Founding Members Only): Killmech99, Spartanwolf370
Sr. Lt. Knight Commander (Systems Leader -): OPEN
Knight Commander (X360): OPEN, (XOne): NINJA GIAC,
Knight Commander (PS3):OPEN, (PS4): Atom1405
Sr. Knight Captain : None
Alliance - Ordo Tenebris Dracones (Order of the Dark Dragons)
Order of the Dark Dragons