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Okapi Clan

Mission Statement

Hello. I am looking to start a Casual Gaming Clan in a ton of games listed here. I am a very fun/active player that would like to meet others to enjoy these games with. I am currently looking for somewhat decent players that are 10-18+ in age; I want to make sure younger kids can join and no swears are allowed. As long as you're "family-friendly", you're alright. If interested, please comment below or message me on Discord at Erik-the-Okapi#5084.

I will need assistance on creating a website, and recruiting.

I am working on the YouTube Channel "Okapi Clan" as well as the Discord Server my friend's & I have worked on for a few days now.

The Discord Server is now open!! After joining, DM me asking for what to do to qualify. The group is small at the moment, so plz don't leave instantly. Weekly Challenges have started in the Discord Server! If you wanna get the "Okapi Clan Rank", plz complete the challenges!

PS5, Xbox Series X & Stadia have been added!!



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