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Mission Statement

Looking for people who regularly play Vangaurd  or warzone. Open to all, but looking for adults who act like adults, unless mocking shotgun users. That is always allowed. So are other forms of trash talk. Just nothing that you wouldn’t say with your name attached. 

Competitive, but not super sweaty. Let’s have some fun. 32 from chicago. [NoSGs]






1st Dec 2021 - 12:46pm

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28th Nov 2021 - 7:27am

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23rd Nov 2021 - 6:25pm

Hi! I am THX-1099 and I'm trying to get people into starting a new league for gaming clans. Like an actual league with a schedule, divisions, records, and playoffs!. I obviously need teams to be able to do so, my goal is to at least hit 20 teams before new years and the main reason im doing this is because i want to personally get more involved with the gaming community and i want clans and teams to get more involved as well! I've created a clan profile for my league and if you want to you can check it out to get your team registered, it doesn't cost anything as well! If you need more details or have questions contact me at [email protected]