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Mission Statement

Mossdew, Cybernauts, Cyberconstructs - What is this?

Mossdew, also known as Mossdew Club and shortened to MD, is a cybercivilization made up of cybernauts and inhabits cyberterritories. Despite the over-used "cyber-" prefix, which can somewhat be summed up as:

  • Cybercivilization: Mossdew itself, which resides in virtual spaces.
  • Cybernauts: Members, inhabitants, users, players, etc
  • Cyberterritories: Virtual worlds, especially games of MMOs and MUDs, but also Reddit, Discord, etc.

Also, I am the founder of Mossdew and yet Mossdew is my username, but this is primarily to represent Mossdew, as my ego is not intended to portray itself of importance. References to me are Founder or Mossdew Founder, with Mossdew intending to refer to the cybercivilization.

Mossdew, in fact, is not intended to be centralized, though that seems necessary for now in order to get things up and running, and there are intended to be unifying principles, goals, rules, or so on, in order to be perceived as "a part of Mossdew". Whenever the centralized aspect of Mossdew is mentioned, it is regarded as MHQ, for Mossdew Headquarters.

As for some general, messy, and under construction concepts regarding to what Mossdew is, does, intends to do, and so on:

  • Idea Generation: This is our primary focus as of right now. Regardless of joining Mossdew or not, we'd enjoy brainstorming with others(as long ideas shared are freely open as MD0 licensed, see MD0 License below).
  • Leftism: After appropriate education on the matter, we departed from the idea of being apolitical or so-called neutral, and so MHQ leans towards Anarcho-Communism, Anarchism, Socialism, and possibly others(but not ML/MLMs). We heavily denounce the right, far-right, fascism, authoritarianism, and beyond. We also denounce liberalism, centrism, and moderatism. Disallowing supporters of hate from being platformed in our cybercivilization should grow more harshly as our reach does. Fully removing any negative presence is difficult in a decentralized way, but MHQ and legitimate Mossdew supporters can attempt to co-operate to de-legitimize these(see Reputation System). There is a lot to discuss and re-clarify for this point, but I do hope this gets the gist across in order to attract the right people and repel those who would spread hate.
  • Intersectionality: Similarly to Leftism in regards to political and economic perspectives, Mossdew will embrace intersectionality and the many individual facets that entails.
  • Zero Obligation: Other than following rules, cybernauts will not be required to do things such as login, participate, or even contribute.
  • Gamification: Incentive-based methods will be used for leading and guiding cybernauts, once the systems are built to do so in an autonomous fashion.
  • Community Building: Not just of MHQ or Mossdew itself, but building cyberconstructs in general, such as autonomous or fully separated groups, clubs, guilds, and so on.
  • Reputation Systems: Both internally and externally, Mossdew intends to keep track of the state of cyberspace around our cyberconstructs, if not outright improve them. Moderators, admins, and other positions of power will be marked and scored, allowing Mossdew to hopefully act as a sort of health-check of cyberterritories. If our own reputation is secure, we may be a worthwhile appeal system, directory of good and bad powers, and so on.
  • Unconventionality: Unconventional actions, knowledge, techniques, tactics... be it weird, obscure, unpopular, experimental... Mossdew is heavily interested in this. Conventional operations are secondary, and primarily feed into unconventional operations, research, and so on.
  • MD0 License: MD0 is our modification of the CC0("Creative Commons Zero") license, which expands it to waive trademark, patent, and more specific moral and publicity rights. Cybernauts' real personas should be anonymous, while their characters are nonymously public domain, including all chat, ideas, art, music, tactics, stories, and beyond(See Content Creation).
  • Content Creation: With help of the MD0 license and what cybernauts , cybernauts who contribute anything directly(art, stories, music) or even accidentally(observed actions, influence, remarks) are contributing to the public domain. This allows everyone inside and out of Mossdew to build upon and remix everything everyone manifests.
  • Transmedia Metafiction: Transmedia is like a story that moves between different media. As through content creation, Mossdew's activity in cyberspace is intended to influence our fiction, so stories that occur in one cyberterritory can affect situations in other cyberterritories. Likewise, our fiction may end up influencing Mossdew operations themselves, our stories shaping how we proceed in action. Metafiction is being aware of this fiction while we also live within it.
  • Interlinked: Mossdew is intended to link together the communities of multiple cyberterritories. The economies of one game, for example, can affect another game(depending on Mossdew's impact in each) - contribute to the group in Runescape, and get rewarded in EVE Online, or vice-versa. Cybernaut presence and support may also flow into each-other, if our incentive structure makes it desirable.

If you can embrace the Mossdew unconventional thinking, the understanding of your content being MD0 licensed, and feel interested in participating even to the lightest degree, you may apply to join our Guilded community via application here: but otherwise be on the lookout for our presence in whatever multiplayer game you participate in.