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Mark of Chaos / XoC / [PC] Clan/Community LFM / Discord

Mission Statement

Hello everybody!

Mark of Chaos
[XoC] ( Steam: XoC // )

We are seeking new and veteran players to fill our ranks for PVE and PVP. We are experienced D1/D2 players with some new players to fill our community. Leviathan and Lair are ran almost daily between active members. CSGO games are played with each other, League of Legends, and many more. We're always looking for interesting people who are looking for a place to hang their hat and enjoy the fun and excitement of a growing community! (Website is coming soon)

Currently in search of active members for both PVE and PVP, as the majority of players in this community enjoy all aspects of the below listed games. If you are interested, please feel free to check it out and join if you would like. Casual players just looking for a home and a good group of people are also welcome. Our members range from those who have competitive e-sports experience in games such as CSGO and CoD, to casual laid back players just enjoying the games at their own pace and the other aspects available to their experiences.

Why Join XoC?

Why not? What do you have to lose joining a large community of great people? Here's some of what we can offer:
-Fun environment for our members [ Not limited to 1 game ]
-An expanding and large community of great members
-Comical discussions and serious discussions
-Open minded individuals with a passion for gaming and engaging in games with others
-A VOIP hub using Discord with the link posted below (Click Discord on this line if you have trouble finding it)
-A growing community focusing its efforts into providing dedicated servers for other games, and a fully functional website
-Cookies, Pancakes, Waffles, and whatever other food you can think of in imaginary tense for your delights
-Older players and gamers. We do have age ranges, but the majority of members are 21+
-Good times, and tons of fun to be had, with a laid back and interactive environment

As a community, we are not limited to 1 game strictly. Although Destiny 2 is in the graces of our game sight right now, we have many people who play many different games. Some such as:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)
Heroes of the Storm (HOTS)

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)
Just Survive (H1Z1)
League of Legends
World of Warcraft
7 Days To Die

Bungie Clan Link 1 (FULL):
Bungie Clan Link 2 (NEW!)
XoC Steam Community (NEW!):

At this time we are requesting that people who would like to join please be 16+ due to adult language and discussions. Sorry guys, but don't need children getting a whipping for swearing. If you at least meet the slight age requirement, we would be happy to have you. We have this in place because the discussions are mainly of mature nature, with a lot of references to many things, and innuendos. Rather or not you can handle it, these are valid reasons and we want to maintain a fun environment at all times.

If you have any questions feel free to join our discord and I will discuss recruitment with you. Thank you all, and hope to enjoy this game with many new players.

Discord is required at this time:

Please make sure to join the Waiting on Staff voice channel and one of our admins will get to you asap to talk and explain the recruitment process with you. If we do not get to you within the first 5-10 minutes of idling in said channel, feel free to join us in any of the channels were in and someone will definitely discuss joining / recruitment with you.

Unfortunately the Destiny 2 groups must be split because of Bungie's clan member limit restriction. If in the near future Bungie fixes this issue, we will merge everyone together into one clan. For the Steam group, we definitely have as much room as you can possibly imagine.

Clan Upvotes

Games Played



19th Dec 2017 - 12:22pm

Looking for mature and active player base clan for doing dailys/weekly raids and such.

Alittle info about me: Active gamer, plays alot of lonewolf, but i prefere hanging around with buds ingame, very helpfull when asked. Not a naging personality about small stuff. Tries hard to be a good coop-player. Active on PVP occationally. Listens to commands when given in voice.


9th Dec 2017 - 6:07am

looking for a good group of people get some loot and chill with. Tired of being a solo player having to depend pick up groups. Pretty active in a bunch of games listed in my profile. My Battlenet tag is ParisGlenn#1558 and Steam is Silinde513. These two best way to get connected with me. I hope to hear from you guys soon. Big into Destiny 2 and The Division right now with the two new patches added this week.   


6th Dec 2017 - 7:22pm

Very active and experienced player been playing since destiny one looking for equally active clan have cleared hard mode and normal nightfall and raid many times as well as trials username is bradley12345#1470 thank you guys