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Legacy Gaming

Mission Statement

Looking for family members? Legacy Gaming was created to give lone gamers a home! We have over 350+ family members and are looking to add more.

LXG is sorted into multiple non-game based and game-based clans with about 20-40 members each, that way you don’t get lost in the masses. The majority of clans are non-game based, so it’s always easy to find someone to play with!

We provide a unique rank structure and use discord to communicate.

LXG has lots of different teams to join, whether you’re an artist looking to do image work, an active member looking to move up the ranks a little and join the events team. More to come such as stream team and news team.

If any of these interests you, please feel free to PM me on discord SIN of GREED#8896 with any questions or to join us!

When you join and it asks who recruited you on the questions mention LXG GREED XV



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2nd Oct 2023 - 9:01am

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Samantha G.

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2nd Oct 2023 - 8:47am

Is it true that stones on rings carry a certain energy? How do you choose the right stone?