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Legacy Gaming

Mission Statement



LEGACY is an online community of gamers, film lovers, book readers and Humans. Founded in 2017, the aim was and remains to this day, to be an outer haven away from the troubles and stresses of everyday life. Competition and co-operation are the two pillars of LEGACY; neither one takes precedence over the other. Hopefully we can be the online family you might be looking for... 


-We take great pride in being one of the biggest and oldest global clans in Destiny, one of our primary games

-A close-knit community. we are open to absolutely anyone who wishes to join; no initiations, simply send us a join request and we'll get you on board (we require approval to mitigate clan hopping)

-Discord is a mandatory requirement for communication. We are always willing to teach those who have never used it before

-Founded by Destiny 1 veterans, most of who started way back in the D1 beta

-We are looking to expand into other games, such as Final Fantasy XIV & Monster Hunter: World

-We run all content throughout the week, therefore you will always find someone online to adventure with

-Community playthroughs on Twitch & Youtube


Joining Legacy is as easy as farming Fallen. Simply:

1- Hop onto our Discord, read the Rules & DM an Admin

2- Once you're in our Discord, we'll send you an invite into the relevant clan