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Idle Animation (Australian Clan)

Mission Statement

Idle Animation

Welcome to Idle Animation. We are an Australian clan welcoming to all! We're open to any kind of person, age/gender/anything! We will generally be online during Australia and New Zealand prime time. GMT+10. Most members are over 18, we don't hold back in chat. So if you're looking for a kid-friendly clean chat, this clan won't be it. 

Firstly, our Discord is a requirement to join the clan. It is where we will always be to communicate, we don't check the Bungie clan chat very often. You can join the Discord at this link here:

There is a role-assignment channel for various roles you can assign yourself, or remove from yourself.

We play exclusively on PC.

We are a casual clan, but we'll chuck on our tryhard pants when we can. We are also looking for persistent and active members. While we don't mean for you to have to log in every day, people that haven't said hello after 10+ days will be removed from the game clan, though you won't be removed from the Discord server if you don't wish to be. You may still join in on events and things like that.

We play both Division 2 and Destiny 2.

Our Bungie clan page: