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H.I.T (Hazardous Interceptions Teams and Tactics)

Mission Statement

Mission statement :

Our mission is to create a very team based organization that mimics the idea of smaller groups of players fighting together on battlefield 4, COD WW2, Zombies and other games on ps4 that members choose, without clan politics our clan thrives only on the tasks put out by the founder (THAman5FDP) that members accept themselves, Operations are created with members and executed against enemy clans. We also have challenges and medals members can earn via custom picture message. In 2018 we are hoping to become member and founder funded for servers, prize give aways and other ideas that would make H.I.T an awesome clan to participate in. 

When do we get together? : We have daily and weekend practice. And expect friendly players only.


Mic or Ability to communicate via message

Non-Aggressive attitude

Casual Skill level is set at 1.00 KD Competitive skill level must be team oriented and a KD of 1.20 

Current membership status: 

 1 due to refreshed roster. Our older roster retired from the clan after 1-3 years of joining to persue solo gaming.  

Updated: Monday April 16th 2018 




17th Apr 2018 - 10:00am

We play Battlefield 4 more than most games for relaxed and casual gaming we also play Friday the 13th, COD WW2 Zombies, Killing Floor 2, and GTA 5.