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Heroic Knights [KNI9HT]

Mission Statement

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The Heroic Knights guild offers a place for every Dauntless player. Our guild contains players from all skill levels. From total beginners to top players. Our focus does not lie within doing the best trial times - trials are certainly being done every week but rarely with the intentioin to push us to the best ranks. The focus lies at casual and fun playing!

For some of us, the guild is like family. Our bond is further strengthened by every time we play together and slay together.
Our fun times are not limited to Dauntless though, and so we end up playing and talking about other games and other things too.

Discord is a requirement. It is our main hub of communication. Here we share our builds, epic moments, achievements, also group up and much, much more. The guild chat is also used for grouping up, but it is more common to just type on Discord.

Events also make our time even better. The events range from scheduled gaming events like the "Heroic Weekends", and event where we play and chill together and also play some self-made Dauntless mini games, to events like the "Green Team" or "Terra Knights" - fashion events.
All events end with rewards for participants and winners.

The requirements

As mentioned before, there are no requirements when it comes to Dauntless progres.. Activity in game is not necessary on a daily or weekly basis. We do however have activity checks that are being done every now and then, so you should at least be active enough to see those, when they happen.
Should you have a reason why you can't, then there is a MIA channel on the Discord where you can tell us. It will be fine then. I have a real life too, and so do most members.

One of the main rules of the guild is that you must NOT be toxic. Toxicity is a no-go in this guild and will be punished harshly and quickly with the removal from the guild. After this comes respect: Each and every member AND guest of the guild (Discord) deserves to be respected. Discrimination will not be tolerated either. More on those and other rules will be found on the guild Discord. READ THEM!

Though a lot of activity is not required, the most active members get rewards monthly. More on that on the Discord.

How to join?

First off, join the Discord link that you see here. You will only be able to see one channel and have to wait 10 minutes before you can send messages. Thats not a big deal since either the officers unlock you to send messages, or if they don't you would have to wait anyways.
Once you can send messages, please type out what is requested on the #new-member channel. That ranges from how you got invited to your epic game name. More details on the Discord.

At this moment, the guild in game is full. For that reason, new members will be placed as "Pseudo Members". You will be fully integrated into the guild. Just not invited in game. Failing an activity check has no effect on pseudo members and only does put in game members to pseudo members, to make space for others.
Three steps to becoming a guild member / pseudo member.

1. Read the guild/discord rules
2. Read the #new-member channel and send the infos
3. Check the #roles-and-channels to see if you need a role
4. Write an introduction in #introductions

But enough talk - see for yourself! I can't wait to have you at our guild!