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HellFire Coalition

Mission Statement

Discord Invite 

Faction Marauders

Server NA East Morrow

What is HellFire Coalition? We are an active company with a mix of casual/competitive play-styles. We are focused to support all our members that create content "videos, streams, etc." We require a streamer safe environment and members should assume a "Stream" is "Live". The company has been formed for many types of players to enjoy and work as a team. A place where they can enjoy all aspects of the game, at their pace, while still having the opportunity to get involved in end game content and group shenanigans. Members are NOT required to be a content creator or communicate through voice chat.

What are we looking for in a player? Someone who will be online regularly and be active in the company. A lot of systems in the game involve a team effort working towards one goal, so everyone is important, no matter their level. We plan to be active in both PvE and PvP, so players with a similar interest will feel right at home. You will never be rushed to level or pressured to login. Everyone, from the Governor to the newest Settler, will have days they can't be on. Real life comes first. Enjoy the game and the people around you.

Are there any rules for company members? We expect members to conduct themselves in an honest, mature, and respectful manner. We want to have fun, but not at the cost of our company image. Members who engage in toxic behavior will be warned, and eventually removed from the company ranks should they continue. Our conduct should not change, whether we're speaking with a fellow member or a stranger of the public. We are all adults escaping into the fantasy of New World. Use your best judgement and have fun.

Streams are Live Assume a stream is Live at all times while in this discord. If you have anything to discuss that either requires privacy or breaks Twitch Terms of Service please make sure to switch to a empty channel to avoid any mistakes. Any attempt at causing a streamer to get into trouble will result in a Permanent Ban!

Racism/Hate speech Not tolerated in any way, shape, or form. We are all here to have fun so keep it friendly and clean especially for the streamers.






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