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Mission Statement

GØDFIRE is the premier gaming community for elite gamers. Named from the Greek “god of fire” and forge, we aim to help develop and craft talent across multiple titles and have positioned ourselves around 3 core tenets:

  • COMMUNITY - The heart and soul of our organization. Strength in numbers allows us to compete with mainstream gaming organizations, while also sharing the benefits of partnerships to all of our members.
  • CONTENT - We strive to set the standard for quality professional content and aim to dominate the content space on all major platforms.
  • COMPETITION - The drive to compete is ingrained in nearly all gamers yet is broadly limited to “professionals only.” We aim to create events and platforms that are open to all skill levels.


It is important your goals align with the vision of the organization.

We are seeking friendly, mature gamers who are interested in building lasting relationships as part of the GØDFIRE brand. Becoming a member of GØDFIRE is joining an elite family of dedicated, active, and driven gamers.


GØDFIRE is more than just being part of the same gaming network. We believe every member plays a crucial part in the success of the organization, and others within.

Above all, GØDFIRE values loyalty and commitment. While anyone is welcome to join the discord/participate in public events, we do not allow GØDFIRE Members to be part of competing gaming communities. You are either one of us, or you are not.


  1. Join the GØDFIRE discord and introduce yourself.
  2. Read the #join channel.

JOIN THE ELITE! ​​​​​​#IgniteTheFire




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1st Feb 2022 - 2:43pm

This is a community that truly stands by the principles it was founded upon. A great place for gamers to interact and find people to play with. There are regular events, and the voice channels are always filled!


Really excited to continue being a part of something great!


1st Feb 2022 - 3:42am

It's been a fantastic community to be a part of! Definitely consider just stopping in and checking out. I have really loved just really getting to see all the new people and play all sorts of different games. 


20th Dec 2021 - 2:06pm

Best Community and Org I have ever been apart of. If you join please vote! Helps so much!