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Glitch Gaming

Mission Statement

We are Glitch Gaming!

Who we are:

we are a bunch of likeminded individuals. What do we all have in common? We all love competitive gaming! Weather it’s playing, competeing, or just chilling and supporting the Glitch teams, eSports is what we love!

What we offer:

a multitude of things, we have a stream team so if you are a active streamer, you can stream with us we also provide a complete Graphics package to all of our Glitch streamers. 

If your into Competitive COD we have a cod team that competes frequently you can join them in 8s lobbys, pubs, or if u have a team yourself, you can come in and scrim teams that are allied with us. 1v1s wagers all of that!


if you are into splitgate we have channels for that as well as a up and coming team in the near future!


into some apex legends? No problem we have a category for that as well as Valorant too and competitive teams for both games!

Join the family we look foward to everyone’s arrival! We Are Glitch Gaming. ⚡️#IntoTheMatrix ⚡️ 




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