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GhostCap Gaming

Mission Statement

GhostCap Gaming Community

Who Are We

GhostCap Gaming is an all-inclusive gaming community for casual and competitive PC gamers. Whether you're looking to play pong or the latest AAA title, GhostCap has got your back! We don't discriminate against any walks of life, so come as who you are: old or young; experienced gamer or newbie--we've got a place for everyone in our welcoming community.

Activity Vs Inactivity

While some people are able to create a career out of online gaming and play 12 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round; GhostCap Gaming understands that not everyone, especially full-time workers, has the luxury to play for extended periods of time or even for set days in the week. It is because of this we have changed our inactivity expectations to provide more flexibility for these people and provide a stress-free environment that encourages sessions whenever it suits you with no strings attached. 



We take the ability to be all-inclusive very seriously where, irrespective of, race, sex, religion, colour, language, political opinion, nationality or birth will anyone be encouraged to discriminate against in the GhostCap Gaming community. With extensive moves being made around the world regarding the LGBTQ+ community GCG will be moving with the times to ensure all members are accountable for their actions, allowing us to provide a safe community for all. 


Location and language

GhostCap Gaming is located within the Oceanic and Asia Pacific region of the world (Namely Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, etc) so we know that gamers come from every corner of the globe. We encourage people all-around to join and become apart of the community to make new friends and find new ways to play games. With this in mind, we are an English orientated community and as such may find it hard to find others who play your specific game while also speaking your native language. We have no issue wth you speaking any language you want however and will always encourage multiculturalism. 

Who Are We Looking To Recruit

Our community encourages persons of all ages to come to join and meet new people, however, GhostCap Gaming is currently more inclined towards persons over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 you will still be able to play all games our community has to offer, however, you may be restricted to specific NSFW text and chat channels within the discord and community website. On top of your average Joe we also promote the competitive, hardcore, and speedrunners that come with each game and promise to encourage/ support in any way we can to help those achieve their dreams. 

CSGO + Dota 2 Competitive Sponsors

Something GhostCap Gaming has been working on for a while now is creating their own competitive CSGO or Dota 2 competitive team that plays in tournaments. While not active yet feel free to let us know if you think you have what it takes to show the world how good you and your team really are. 

Cross-Play Ready

With the new Xbox and Playstation having just arrived the gaming community at large has now got even more reason to start playing amongst shared servers with gamers from each platform. GhostCap is ready for this switch and encourages you to join regardless of what button you press to pull the trigger. 

Requirements And Expectations

As mentioned earlier there are no prerequisites for joining the community, however, there are still rules we expect each person on every level to follow. With the first one being to treat others with respect and dignity. Of course, there are other rules that can be found on our website that would be normally expected of you but we feel it's important to let everyone know where we stand on the most important one. 

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2nd Dec 2022 - 12:15pm

GhostCap Gaming has the main advantage that it is an all-inclusive gaming community for casual and competitive players, and everyone can try their hand at it. My friends have long been able to see that there really is a place for every player here.
I recommend everyone to consider this option and join the community.
The lack of specific strict requirements or unrealistic expectations from prospective members is very gratifying, so treating others with respect and dignity is the norm and I don't think there can be a problem with that.
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