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Forsaken Hellfire Legion

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Forsaken Hellfire Legion community!


FHL is an online community of gamers! With our active Discord Chat you will have many ways to connect with the members in the community and have always someone to game with! We love to win, but we like to compete against each other more. We do have age restrictions in place place join our server and we will discuss this more in the recruitment chat! So bring your thick skin, and grab your Xbox controller & Mouse as you and your fellow FHL members either fight together or beat the living hell into each other! It's all in good spirit so enjoy yourself! Forsaken Hellfire Legion is not a basic LFG site. Our goal in Forsaken Hellfire Legion is to build and grow in our community. We are looking for members like you who want to hang out, make some friends, maybe even move up in rank and of course play video games that’s why we are a gaming community after all!


  • Follow Discord guidelines and Terms of Service
  • Play on Xbox, PlayStation or PC gamers are welcome!
  • Age restriction in place join to find out more details!

Cross play enabled!!!


We are accepting members from other platforms!!! While we are primarily a Xbox community, PlayStation and PC members are welcome to join us for any cross-platform titles.

What to expect

  • Monthly Giveaways
  • Monthly Community nights
  • Active and Friendly Staff
  • Sponsored: Raze Energy/ Jerky Pro/ Player One Coffee

How to Join

Enter the discord via the Discord button at the top Left of this page. Once in the Forsaken Hellfire Legion community Discord, you will land within the #recruitment-chat. Once there please message in the chat and one of our recruitment officer or staff will be right with you!





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2nd Apr 2021 - 8:34am

Please review my resume. I have interests in joining the team. Thank You


Chico BTW

15th Mar 2021 - 5:34pm

Hi im a warzone content creator im online warzone everyday grinding and im looking to join this clan!