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Elite Nation

Mission Statement


Welcome To Elite Nation! Where a chill and respectful clan who plays competitive and casual! Our founder is EN | Jonah. EN | Hazza is the co-founder!

What we offer

Chill and respectful chat!

Duo partners to play with!

Some really helpful people!

Highly skilled players to 1v1 etc.

Pro teams for Apex Legends and Fortnite (Try-Outs needed)!

Great staff!!

No tryouts needed for casual players! 

We accept all platforms! 

We accept players that play multiple games as well!

Some useful facts

No try-outs needed for new comers

To Join you need to answer a few questions

We do accept some clan wars but you will need to contact our leader first.

We do some competitive practice etc. storm wars

When you join can you please put EN | {user} before you discord name

It might take a couple of minutes to get assigned but be patience



Custom ESports - A great site for ESports designs.

ROGUE ENEGRY - A site for ENEGRY drinks


Please make sure you are over 7 and under 18 years of age before joining this clan.

Stay safe out there and remember to upvote us above!





21st Jul 2019 - 4:07am

Hello my name is Dean looking for a new clan I play on pc im chill humble and always looking to get wins and kills looking forward to esports and world cup I would love to join this clan #Elite nation!


30th Jun 2019 - 10:59am

Hi I am a professional fortnite player and I play on ps4 and I was wondering if I could get a tryout or a spot on the team