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Elite Nation

Mission Statement

Before you join please make sure you are over the age of 7+ and under the age of 18+.

Our goal

Our main goal is to make it big. Same as most clans, we want to make it as big as FaZe, TSM or Luminosity Gaming.

About Elite Nation

Created on the 25/2/19, Elite Nation Is growing quickly. Although the Leaders are from EU, we still accept and will play with NA players. If your thinking you'll be the the only NA player, you won't be. We have Alot of EU and NA players, a few OCE, and some Asian. We play games such as , Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, Minecraft, Roblox and more.


If you want to get into the Elite Team and be recognized as a great Fortnite/Apex Legends player you will have to have a tryout. You will get tryouted by a Fortnite/ Apex Leader, (depends which game you play). If you want a tryout for Fortnite, You will go into a creative game with the Fortnite Leader that is trying you out and you'll 1v1 them. It will be best of 3, If you win the Fortnite Leader will tell an Admin or above what your style is and how good at building and aiming you are, and If they think you're good enough, they'll add you to the Fortnite Elite Team. If you wanted a tryout for Apex, you will play 3 matches with an Apex Leader and you have to get 5 kills between those 3 matches. Same as Fortnite, If you do get 5 kills then the Apex Leader will tell an Admin or above how good you are a aiming and your style and If the Admin think your good enough, they'll add you to the Apex Elite Team.

Thank You for reading this and we hope you join Elite Nation and have a great time.



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