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EDOC ||Eternal Darkness of Chaos||

Mission Statement

Hiya! Looking for Actively, Talkative, and Competitive Players. EDOC's mission is to be well-known on as many platforms and games as possible. We as EDOC strive and are determined to be the best among all. True Elites of war. EDOC has a strong supportive community that always has help. We are unique amongst others, as each member has their special technique, talents, and traits that bring life to our community. We treat each other with respect, dignity, and loving as a family. We for now have communities for Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV, GTA, Yugioh, COD: Cold War and Apex. We plan on expanding even more as time flows.

◈ If you would like to check us out and join our Public Discord Community, Here is the link to join:

◈ Clan EDOC happily hosts Tournaments and raffle of various kinds for actual cash prizes, gift cards, and soon to be more every month!

◈ To Apply Please go to EternalDarknessOC.Com and scroll to the Clan Application section, OR You can apply through the Destiny 2 App/Game! Thank you & we hope to speak with you soon!




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