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Dropshock Brigade

Mission Statement

Are you tired of playing alone? Tired of playing with people who don’t communicate? Tired of playing with people who don’t play the objective?
Play Halo the way it was meant to be played, as a member of a team!

The Dropshock Brigade is a structured gaming community, that supports both competitive and casual gamers on PC and XBOX exclusively for Halo.

In the Dropshock Brigade you will find what every “military” based community should be. This is not some half-baked clan thrown together over a weekend. And we have plenty of opportunities for members to advance.

Earn awards and commendations for your efforts, both on and off the field. Create or join a Squad that plays the game types/modes and days you want to play. And compete in a completely unique competitive experience in our Campaign Seasons.

The Dropshock Brigade is more than a gaming clan, it is a community. And as such we take it very seriously who we bring on board. This is not a skill-based requirement but a character one.

The Dropshock Brigade is not an LFG group. Members join and participate in game with a Squad of their choosing. Squads are free to play the game modes they want, when its best for them. So, if you are looking for a Squad that plays more or doesn’t play as often, a Squad that plays specific game types, or is more Competitive, the Dropshock Brigade is structured to support what and how our members want to play.

So, are you Prepared to Drop, Feet First Into Hell?

Requirements for membership:

  • Must be at least 13 years of age
  • Have a working microphone
  • Be an active participant
  • Be a team player