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Mission Statement


Our community was founded on February 25th, 2021, as a Hardcore Search & Destroy community for Modern Warfare. Since then, it has evolved into a hub for gaming enthusiasts playing the newest COD titles, FPS titles, and more.

Every night of the week, all of our groups are happy and eager to add new members. The active community culture is the cornerstone of our server's success, providing a sense of belonging and camaraderie for all members. The strong emphasis on mental wellness has been instrumental in fostering a sense of support and positivity, with regular check-ins and resources provided by the community for those who need it.

We are committed to promoting an inclusive and welcoming environment, where everyone is welcome to participate in the games they love. From veteran players to newcomers, everyone can learn and improve their skills, while having fun and making new friends in the community. With a vibrant, interactive community, active groups, and a focus on mental wellness, this server is the perfect place for FPS enthusiasts to call home. All are invited to join, regardless of skill level, and become a part of the drip community today.





Clan Upvotes



1st Dec 2021 - 4:35pm

I barely just joined. But what I like about this clan is that they are extremely absolutely organized! Join up and you’ll see what I mean honestly.


12th Jul 2021 - 4:58am

I gotta say I am very glad I found this server. People are always on to chat with and play games with. All around great community!

Drip Gang

19th Apr 2021 - 11:27am

Absolutely. We do 6v6 Hardcore SND. CDL Tuning, No Killstreaks, Shotguns, Stims, Shields, or Snapshots. If you guys want to add more on to that just let us know. We usually just start the private lobby in Core CDL mode so everyone can make their loadout and then switch it to Hardcore after everyone is set. Let me know what time works best for you. Anytime 9pm PST or later works best for us.