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Dominion SO

Mission Statement

DSO is a growing social gaming clan with hundreds of members playing a variety of games.🎮 🎲 🎧

We welcome mature people of all ages who want to help make this the number 1 place to be to make friends and enjoy games together. We also do the occasional drinking games across the different game types.🍻
If you do join our general drunken chat, do have a broad sense of humour 😉

At the moment we are supporting the following games and open to add more (rules for adding more games are on the server):

- Star Wars: Squadrons 🛫🌟
- Diablo 3 (and 2) 😈
- Path of Exile 🐾
- Ghost Recon: Breakpoint & Wildlands 🚁
- The Division 1 & 2 🔫
- Borderlands 1,2 & 3 🔫
- Anthem 🔫
- Table top simulator games 🎲
- Elderscrolls Online 🐉

We have an active Discord community and hope you will come and join us today! 🎉




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