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Demon Clan

Mission Statement

Intro: Welcome to the Demon Clan. We are a new and fast growing clan looking to recruit anyone above the age of 13. Demon is both a casual and competitive clan with tournaments every weekend and scrims almost every weekend. We require you to be an active member of the discord even if you are not playing fortnite.


Why join: This is a community where good players can come to play in scrims and tournaments and also play with other good people or where bad players can come to get better and play with other people. We strive to be the best community and clan there is out there. We require all members to be active on the discord and that they are going to contribute to the future of the clan.


How to join: If you are interested in joining Demon please make sure you fit the following requirements.

  • Have a working microphone

  • Active on Discord  

  • You are at least 13+ years old

  • You are willing to follow all the rules listed on Discord

  • You are willing to be patient for tryout because we have over 200 tryouts we need to do   

If you meet all of those requirements then please go check out are discord.

Once you are on the discord please read through all the rules and read through the Demon Guide. After reading those 2 things go to the tryout form page and submit a form. Make sure you are active on discord or you will not get your tryout. We are a brand new clan, we are working on getting organized so sometimes we miss you on the form if we do just see when someone is giving tryouts and see if you could do yours (just do not spam).


Ranks we offer: At the current moment in time we do not have any rank requirements. We do not like basing people of there stats mainly because if you played in season 1 there is a good chance you will have a bad K/D. The ranks are listed from highest to lowest.














Please also note since we are growing so fast we are making tryouts harder and people are going to start getting lower ranks more.


We thank you for your time of reading this and we hope you consider joining the Demon clan.



15th Nov 2018 - 3:59am

Im a promising pretty good ps4 player at my best. This clan looks like it will grow big and bigger in the future which is why i want to tryout. Im willing to be patient if you are. But i'm really looking to get a lot better if I join this clan.


5th Nov 2018 - 4:01pm

Hi! I saw that you we're recruiting and I wondered if I could tryout, I have allready joined the discord. But idk if I have the right amount of kd to join :(. But yeah my ign is: YT.Injecting if u wondered and I meet all of the requirements.



4th Nov 2018 - 11:32pm

Please let me join your clan, it look nice and promising. I play on the PC (fortnite) but I can only play on the weekends. Please let me in. <3


25th Oct 2018 - 12:30pm

Best clan ever. They are doing scrims and tournaments and are soon going to sell merch lol best clan