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The DeadTM Community

Call of Duty Competitive

We are a new gaming community striving to connect Gamers worldwide and genuinely to support and comfort members with a non-toxic community. Come join us !

Supportive platforms: 
Xbox,PS4 & PC

Currently most of member are playing: 
Call of Duty
Among Us
Rocket League 
Rogue Company
League of Legends 

Positive mindset 
Discord/ MIC 


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22nd Sep 2020 - 2:43pm

Hey guys, I’m mainly a COD player but can play GTA if I have people to actually play with lol

I’ve been in a clan before (MW3 - Ghosts) and we were signed up to this website where we would book in clan battles and face off against other clans.

I play casually, but I’m on a lot more than casually. Main aim is to play with a skilled team, who has good comms and can win games in a fun environment. And also willing to participate in clan battles as described above if that were to come up!

Not sure if I’m the right fit, but can you let me know based on what I’ve said? Thanks!