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Mission Statement


---- Joining age 16+ ----

This is a gaming community created and developed by gamers!

Here, you can find/meet like minded gamers playing all the games you like and play.

Interesting you might say?

Well if you Need a squad for COD? Or perhaps another player? We've got you covered!

The options are almost endless....

There are players from all over the world playing from different time zones, so no matter what time it is, you'll always find an active member, to chill, chat and game!

We would like everyone to feel comfortable and not under any pressure.

So, perhaps you're playing a game and decide you want to freshen up your friends list or maybe just need another player or what ever you need... we have you covered! 

Of course, things will be a little slow to begin with, we are a fresh server out of production but as we gain traction we will expand and have more and more members. So we do ask for a little bit of patience on that front.

What we offer:

  • MULTI PLATFORM COMMUNITY -  with gamers around the world.

  • MW REGIMENT tag [.CoVs]


  • RANK STRUCTURED SERVER - with leadership positions

  • Feedback and Suggestions - Not just our server its your server to!

  • A SAFE PLACE TO PLAY –  Server code of conduct

  • [NEW] Stream Team

We use Squads & Battalions to help you find people on your console.

  •     Phoenix  [PS4]

  •     Dragons [XBOX]

  •     Pegasus [PC]

As we expand, CORVUS hopes to provide more opportunities for you in the future.

Coming soon:  


  • GFX Designer 

  • Game Nights [EVENTS]

  • Competitions

  • Official website 

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24th Jul 2020 - 10:24pm

would it be alright if i joined your clan, cause i need new people to game with. I play british time hours