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Black Dagger Company

Mission Statement

**Black Dagger Company** | PvX | Skilling | Crafting |
Region: NAEAST | Server: Kaluwalhatian (NA East) | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 55 members | Recruiting: Yes

The Black Dagger Company is an active, PvPvE, Syndicate company recruiting all playstyles. We began as a close group of friends and acquaintances alike who enjoy playing together. Want to jump straight into the PvP action or explore New World solo? We support all our members playing the way they want to play, rather than playing the way a company leadership wants them to play. 

- active 24/7
- dedicated PvP and PvE events
- company exclusive crafting
- company exclusive events
- competitive server PvP

Our company continues to grow and is already organizing PvP and PvE events. The more, the merrier! Join us or send @Eron#3107 a DM in game to learn more. 

Our discord invite: