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The Art of Warfare

Mission Statement

The Art of Warfare is a mature gaming community founded in 2001 with 1600+ active members spread across 50+ games. Our Battlefield Division is the place for any type of player from casual to expert to get together and enjoy what battlefield has to offer.

Our focus is on team-play to bring us victory and helping newer players improve their skills. Whether you are a veteran looking to join an elite squad or a newbie looking to learn the game; we offer it all. We pride ourselves on our willingness to help other and to work together. With weekly scheduled games, we have a very welcoming and close nit group.

Our community has our core principles in high regard, Loyalty, Honor, Friendship and Fairplay, which we aim to promote throughout our activities. We keep ourselves organized through a chain of command and our staff is ready to help out and looking for members to help us organize training, field leadership, events and so on.

Check us out and apply at and join our discord:

We accept anyone 16+ and on PC. Just be sure to have your microphone enabled.





30th Oct 2021 - 7:51pm

Im new to the community but I have known about and or gamed against TAW members for many years. Great place to pick up a laid back or competitive game experience. There well established and have good roots in the gaming world.


15th Oct 2021 - 3:04pm

Great environment for players of all skill levels. Been a member since 2004! It's TAWsome! Alright... I'll see myself out, after you check us out!