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Altera Seven Community

Mission Statement

Hello and welcome to the Altera Seven Community! We are a casual communities that requires no tryouts to join, and no skill requirement must be met either. Our main form of communication with other members is our own discord server, so be sure to join that if you wish to be a part of A7. We evolve with the times and if interest is shown in a game that we do not offer, we might consider adding it later in the future.

NO TRYOUTS REQUIRED: Member continually ask to try out for Altera, so please note: No tryouts are required, nor is any level of skill.

We are a multi-game community that likes to focus on the more casual side of gaming.

Requirements To Join

* Must Have Discord Account/Join Discord Server

* Must Be 13 Years Of Age Or Older (If you are above the age of 13 but extremely immature, you will be treated as if under the age of 13)

* Must Follow Rules Of The Discord Server

*Must be on PC and must be NA server based


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