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Almost full. Join before its too late! United Gamers

Mission Statement

We are recruiting new agents to kick names and take assets from the scum of D.C.  Looking for mature serious players.  With only fifty slots per clan, we want active players. You are not required to do anything but group up and rake in loot.  Playing with clan members and getting to know them is much more fun than matchmaking into a team that either can't kill a fly or steamroll enemies. This game will be a grind alone.  Don't be that guy or girl or attack chopper that continues to be so lonely at  night.  Consider United Gamers as your clan.  We have cookies. Thanks for your time and I hope to see you in game. Did I mention we are a PC clan in North America.

To join: go to the clan area in game and search for United Gamers then choose join. It will be set to open. Discord is mandatory unless you are a mute.  The link can be found on the top of this page on the picture. If you can't find link join in game and ask for it.  Show off those sexy vocals.