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Mission Statement

Hi guys!

I have been in a clan before from MW3 - Ghosts.

Looking at starting a new clan from scratch that includes the following;

- 18+
- casual playing

- competitive/clan battles (to come in future)

- good comms 

- team players

- winning games

- having fun

- non toxic

I would say I’m a casual player but I’m on a lot more than a casual player would be so maybe you can call me part time? Lol.

Preference is people in Australia purely because of timezone it’ll be easier to party up a lot more.

I am on PS4 but if you’re on other platforms please don’t hesitate as we now have crossplay available.

Just want to put together a team of people who play for fun but are serious enough to want to win games and work as a team.

No website, logo, or anything as of yet. A lot more low key, simply getting on COD/GTA, partying up, and playing together!