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ISO a laid back adult clan.

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I am currently a year one Destiny player.  Looking to keep playing Destiny until the release of Destiny 2.  The group I normally play with have become inactive.  I mostly do PvE and Raids.  Sometimes I will do a some PvP, but not all that great at it.


Currently run as a titan or hunter.  Cant do warlock, sorry all you lock lovers.  lol 


My clan is what you are looking for!!! Bad Parents of Destiny.  Look for us on FB or here:


I am part of a gaming community called Rapture Gaming. We are looking to recruit members for Destiny 2!
Please just take a second to read and checkout the website and if you have any questions you can message me personally. GT- rG Smoove Rapture Gaming is a great community. We are looking for motivated and active players who like to have fun. We currently have battalions for Call of Duty, BF1, Diablo3, Titanfall2, Halo, Destiny/2, The Division, and a new multi-game battalion. If you don't see a game listed and would like to help create a battalion please feel free to message me and we can discuss creating one. Requirements: We ask that you be at least 17 years old to join. We encourage you to attend one meeting/ game night a week. We ask that you follow all the forums rules. Must have a working mic. We are an Xbox One only clan Why Rapture Gaming We are a great community and we want our members to feel welcomed and have as much fun as possible. We are a family orientated community and always put our members first. We realize that people have lives outside of Xbox and don't require a strict commitment. There is no K/D requirements to join. We run everything, raids, trials, iron banner, crucible, and exotic quest missions. We've taken many of our members through the raid for the first time. There is no stress or anyone making fun of you because you've never done it before. We explain the mechanics and everything you need to know. Check the website out!