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B.C adult looking for chill 420 friendly clan


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Im a chill adult in B.C been gaming since the early days of battletoads to Halo. Destiny is my main game ATM but I play a bunch of other shooters. I consider myself a very experienced gamer and would like to find a group of like minded people. My only issue is I prefer not to game with kids NO SQUEAKERS 



We have about 300 people currently.  We are on all consoles.  It's a team of parents and non-parents alike that want to play with other like-minded adults.  No douche baggery allowed at all!  All we ask is that people are respectful to others and understanding that parents that may have to stop mid-game play to change a diaper.  Oh, and you gotta be OK with vulgarity because some of us cuss like a sailor.


Your more than welcome to join our group just message me and i can add you if you want no squeakers or kids play with us everyone is chill we are a small group hoping to expand