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Mission Statement

Soul - 16+ New Gaming Community


This community was created with one goal in mind... To provide every member an active, friendly, and developed community from the start. Somewhere each and every person would be proud to be apart of. Us staff have really put our hearts and souls (pun intended) into this, and we really hope you see the difference here.


Every single member here has a voice, whether that's putting in suggestions for the community, voting for improvements and directions in the community, or downright stating your mind about how you feel we are doing.


This will remain this way until the end, however long that will be. We promise to always uphold the core values and goals we have set forth with, and will continue to support you, our members, until the end.


What We Offer You:

  • Active Reward Levels & Incentives

  • Choose Your Own Color

  • Monthly Community Challenges & Events

  • Departments

    • Events

    • Recruitment

    • News & Media

    • Art & Design

  • Activity Shop (New Items Every Month)

  • Unique and Exclusive Perks

  • Tons of Discord Games

  • Clothing Line

  • Sponsorships

  • Everyone Has a Voice Here

  • Knowledgeable, Active, and Friendly Staff



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6th Feb 2021 - 4:46am

Hi I'm Thayne Wate I'm a gamer on Apex Legends I've played on Xbox almost my entire life and I played Apex Legends since launch. I just switch to PC but and am picking up keyboard and mouse pretty quickly. Since I've played since launch on Xbox I know a lot about the game and tactics already. But I really hope you can help take me to the next level and one day put me on your roster. I really thank you for posting the clans page and hopefully you will read this message and I can get in on your clan.  


5th Feb 2021 - 2:56am

Hi, i would like to join the clan, i play Fortnite with a Kd of around 3.07 

i am pretty good at building, but find double and triple edits a bit hard.

i am a good support player.