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Shadows Of YoŔ

Mission Statement


Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

Our clan’s name:Shadows Of YoŔ 

Our  system(s): PC, Xbox,Playstation

Where are most of our clan members located: United Kingdom- BST

When do you usually play: I play from 8Am to 9:30 Pm Bst and on work days it can be different everyday but im usually 6 hours or more online everyday, as for my members it’s mixed.

 About my  clan: Shadows Of YoŔ  is a English based PVE/PVP clan looking for new members (EU) We are searching for new members to join us there is no age or level  requirement  to join . Bear in mind that we use Discord) but please be mature in the chat ., We focus on cooperation with each other and improving our skills together as one unit, We have a age requirement of 16 to apply for admin, We also have a raid system where we organise weekly raids we will help anyone no matter how good or bad you are we’re trying to make New members feel comfortable in our clan and make new friends we’re also seeking admins. Atm we’re 145 in discord we're 99  in the Destiny 2 clan,  Clan got created recently  and we want to grow our clan, we are also seeking admins, The Level of the Destiny 2 clan is level 6. Attention! our discord server was recently attacked so we lost most of our channels and members.

The best way to contact me: Is to add me on discord ZERO_NOVA#3765

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