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Shadows of Palamon

Mission Statement

Shadows of Palamon was formed to give people a place to play primarily Destiny2, and has grown to include many other games. The idea behind the clan was to give people somewhere to play games without having to worry about people being negative and elitist. We accept those that are willing to put in the work to learn strategies on raids, dungeons, and other PvE content as well as dominating lobbies in PvP, both in Destiny or any other game you may be playing. 

We do not care what walk of life you are coming from, what your K/D is, or what you do in your normal life.  We require that everyone be open and inclusive to others. Any bullying, bigotry, sexism, racism, chadism, or any other form of communication with the intent of belittling others will not be tolerated.

If you're interested in joining, join the Discord server, message an admin and we'll do our best to get you included. Otherwise join the channels and make this your home away from the tower.

Eyes up, Guardian.




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5th Jul 2023 - 11:08pm

I would love to join your clan. Currently playing Diablo 4 but I play COD and Destiny 2 as well (most of the other games on your list as well). I'm on most nights and looking for some more people to grind with. I Currently have a lvl 67 necromancer and will start a new character with the start of season 1. I play on Xbox and PC and am at 92k gamerpoints. 


Gamertag: BUCCHINO


Battlenet ID: TonyBucc#1252