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Sellout Society

Mission Statement

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Sellout Society was founded in early 2019 with a goal set on changing the gaming experience from the ground up. With years of combined experience within gaming communities from our CEO, COO and Admins, we want members to not only feel as if they are truly part of a family but also have a voice that is valued within our community. With a passion for apparel, we wish to deliver the very best for our community to be able to represent the Sellout Society brand!

Our family consists of mature and friendly individuals who value the experience of gaming together. Whether you are a casual player or are looking for a more competitive experience, there is a place for you here in Sellout Society.



The Sellout Society brand was created with a vision, A brand that represented who we are as gamers and a community to back it up. Under this brand we have Twitch, Facebook and Mixer streamers, Graphic Designers as well an apparel store.

Sellout Society Clothing

You can view our apparel line at:



While we are primarily a PC only community, we welcome console members to join us for our cross-play titles.


No tryouts required for membership!


  • Mature (18+ years old)
  • Have a Microphone
  • Discord Mobile and/or Desktop
  • Competent Human Being



To become a member of Sellout Society join us in Discord, Link below:

Please make sure you have installed the Discord app before clicking the link:

If you do not have Discord installed you can find it at the link below:


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