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Quad Nation eSports

Mission Statement

What Quad Nation Offers:

  • Free and Paid Coaching from high-Ranking Players
  • Friendly, Family-Feel Environment
  • A worldwide organization with players in various regions for multiple games on all platforms available
  • Player focussed approach which means we'll be getting you through all the annoying steps of joining a clan in a few minutes 
  • All-Male, All-Female, and Mixed Teams 
  • Streamer support and channels on Discord
  • Dedicated scrim server for in-house scrims and external scrim arrangement

What you can expect when joining Quad Nation:

  • Personalized Avatar
  • Professional Onboarding procedure taking you from Step A to Z with a smile 
  • Regular tournaments with prizes and some just for fun 
  • Visible growth shared with all members as the clan grows

Quad Nation welcomes you with a smile and open arms :D



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