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Nocturnal Bliss

Mission Statement

You step on the battlefield once again, but this time it is different. This time you look to the left and right of you, you see this time you have real team mates and not just some Rando that only cares about themselves and not winning or helping you out what-so-ever. These are team mates who watch your back and make sure that victory is in sight. Flaws and strengths are shared as a force upon the enemies. You know that, win or lose, it was well earned and worth it. As the countdown starts, your adrenaline is pumping. While some friendly bragging is going on, you know the other team is done for. ITS GO TIME! You rush forward with victory on your mind as you hear "ON YOUR LEFT!" You slide and turn and...KAKOW!!! Your shot hits the enemy straight in the head. As they fall back into Lady Death's arms, his forever nocturnal sleep consumes him and you turn to your team mate with a thumbs up. Both of you smile with pure bliss. That is one going on the scoreboard. Together you run off with your team and new family...


Nocturnal Bliss



- be 16+

- have a mic

- have discord

- answer a few questions






17th Jun 2020 - 6:37am

Hey I was wondering if you are still accepting people? I’m 23 and play cod as well as apex on PS4 I have a discord and am pretty easy to get along with.