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The Last Full Measure

Mission Statement

The Last Full Measure is a community first, and always will be. We just so happen to enjoy playing Arma 3 operations together as well. Our Arma 3 operations range from World War 1 to Modern Day with everything in between. We currently host our operations in a squad format with room to grow from there. Our operations are not hurry up and wait hardcore pain no pleasure types of operations. We are casual, but we also try to re-enact true events to the best of our ability as a way to understand, and show respect to the men and women who gave their last full measure on those battlefields.

This however is only 5% of the time. While it is true we have a common thread around Arma we are NOT an Arma community. We enjoy playing with each other more than just playing scheduled Arma events. We play a plethora of other games. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, CSGO, Minecraft, EU4, HOI4, War Thunder, we even have a clash of clans group!

So, if you are still reading this then I have a reason that you might be interested. My final statement is this. If you are not looking for a unit you go to on a scheduled basis, but for an actual community where you can possibly make some new friends and have a place to log on everyday, then please join the discord, come to teamspeak: or go to our website and join us!





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