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Kamiya Dojo

Mission Statement


EvE Online Corporation



Welcome to Kamiya Dojo

Kamiya Dojo was formed and is operated by Veterans of Eve Online. Our Goal and vision for this community is to provide an environment and a community to enjoy this game the best we can. I speak for all our Veteran Members when I say our interest is to teach and share with new pilots bringing the best out in people. Kamiya Dojo is open to all types of pilot new or old, and we promote group activities However solo play is also very welcome here. Kamiya Dojo is currently based in High sec and excluding PVP focuses our content there.

There is an HQ set up with corp Hangers

We currently offer :

- Mining ops

- PVP fleets

- Abyssal content and guidance

- Like-minded people

- Drama free environment

- All Timezone activity

- Discord Server

- Website and Forums

- Experienced Leadership

- Teamwork

- Training

- Guides


What are we looking for:

- Positive good attitude

- Discord / Mic

- All levels of SP welcome

- A desire to partake

- Teamwork


Plans moving forward :

- Expand our member base

- Expand our High Sec operations


All we require is applicants to fill out our application form and register on our website, the link is provided. Feel free to join our discord and ask any questions you wish.


If you're interested in Eve Online but never had the community to dive into it with, then give us a look. We can help you get started in your Eve career and make lifelong friends as you do. If you're new you can use our referral link to start your experience in this amazing free-to-play MMO.…