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The Fighting 36th

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide military veterans – and other gamers – a welcoming environment to grow, communicate, and push themselves daily to better their skillset through leadership opportunities & skill progression all while being at the forefront of the gaming world by being a brotherhood of gamers pinpointing and focusing on those military veterans who suffer from PTSD and combat related conditions and providing them a safe place to game, free of judgement or persecution. We are an Xbox only team.






17th Aug 2021 - 12:08pm

Before joining the 36th,

playing Battlefield felt….. getting shot in a combat zone and knowing your not gonna make it, while watching your “allies” ( the blue berries ) Tp step right over your bleeding body one right after the other, 

after joining The 36th,

playing battlefield felt like each life spawned in had 10-20 revives associated with that one ticket, even under heavy gun fire, they some how always are right beside you sliding in for the raspberry squad wipe then revive, it’s great!

join the 36th and find out what you been missing, battlefield just feels like I’m playing a whole new game altogether now



9th Jul 2021 - 1:02am

Im hella new to the group. In the little time I have been here, this group kicksa** while being a genuinely fun group of people. A big thing for me is how understanding they are of life situations. Highly recommend 10/10.


8th Jul 2021 - 11:20pm

If you want to win and learn how to the right way than look no further. I have been in the 36th for a brief time but boy has it changed my online gaming. Not only do we play battlefield but several other titles. Sign online and always a few members on willing to link up to play. Join now!!!


8th Jul 2021 - 11:04pm

im a terrible player in bf5 but they help make me feel like im decent at the game when playing with them. They are a great team and great people.

MC Pe3pant5

8th Jul 2021 - 10:44pm

Fantastic group! Been with the 36th for a while now and have enjoyed every minute of it! An awesome group of inclusive people, highly recommend if you’re looking to get more out of your game time!

Cyrus Aurelius

8th Jul 2021 - 10:25pm

     The structure is beautiful, led by some fantastic men and women. I was looking for organization, efficiency and ultimately a group of friends. Everyone within The 36th helped me grow and feel welcome.

     That was 7 weeks ago. I know I’ve found my place. I couldn’t have found a better group of folks to have fallen in line with. At the end of the day everyone always has a blast and has a positive perspective on things. It’s a great environment I enjoy surrounding myself with.




8th Jul 2021 - 8:02pm

I joined the 36th a few months ago, and I've never looked back. This has been a great group of supportive people who want to get together, have fun and kick ass. I was told when I joined "we're here for the cool shit, not for the bullshit." I was incredibly happy to find that was exactly the case.   


8th Jul 2021 - 7:55pm

Great group, diverse set of men and women in leadership.

Former military and civilians coming together for the love of gaming and community.

Veterans and active duty in our hearts and minds.

iStay Epic

8th Jul 2021 - 7:55pm

I recently joined the 36th and I couldn't be more happy. I've been in Halo clans since 2006 and BF4 and here is the best one I've been part of. 


8th Jul 2021 - 7:51pm

I've recently joined the The Fighting 36th myself and I've really found a new home.  I've long looked for a group to play Battlefield with that are easy going and organized and just plain fun to play with while also having structure and strategy to playing the game and this group is the one.  There are no burdensome rules like most groups like this can have.  I've been in a few that were just miserable.  And I can tell you that I've had the most fun playing with this group since I joined than I have ever had with ANY OTHER GROUP.  So if you are looking for a good place to call home then join us TODAY!


29th Jul 2019 - 3:01pm
Great Milsim Unit! Has VORSOC’s full recommendation and partnership! Great leaders and a great community!