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Disgruntled Gaming Network

Mission Statement

I am recruiting for 3 squads in Disgruntled Gaming Network (DGN)  We are a gaming community that supports Xbox, PlayStation and PC. 
We currently have over 50+ members. We are focused on providing our members the best gaming experience possible for our squads that is based on PvP and PvE games.   
We do have a rank structure that allows members to move up. 

If you are interested in joining DGN please dm me or comment below 
We also play games such as APEX, Ark, Battlefield (ALL), CoD (ALL), DayZ, Destiny 1/2, Diablo 3/4, Division 2, 
Fortnite, Forza, Gears, Ghost Recon, GTA V, Minecraft, R6S, Warframe, World of Tanks, PUBG, and much more

What We Are Looking For:
✪ Mergers with other Communites 
✪ Players: All Skill Levels
✪ Coaches
✪ Staff & Management for each platform
✪ Content Creators & Streamers
✪ All Regions
✪ All Platforms 
✪ Content Creators
✪ Video Editors (VFX) 

Need players to stay active and have fun

Requirements to join
-Over 1000 GS (Xbox)  5000 Trophies (PlayStation)
-Discord Required for Clan and Voice Communication
Wants to participate in the community
-Additional Info given if interested



Clan Upvotes

Games Played



6th Jul 2023 - 10:47pm

I would like to join DGN. I mostly play gta Online but am looking to branch out into other games and would like to join a community full of like-minded people. 

Xbox Gamertag: Qwotta



5th Jul 2023 - 5:20am

I would love to join your clan. Currently playing Diablo 4 buy play COD and Destiny 2 as well (most of the other games on your list as well). I'm on most nights and looking for some more people to grind with. I Currently have a lvl 67 necromancer and will start a new character with the start of season 1. I play on Xbox and PC and am at 92k gamerpoints. 

Gamertag: BUCCHINO

Battlenet ID: TonyBucc#1252


2nd Jul 2023 - 12:52am

I would like to join your clan! Playing Diablo 4 at the moment. Battlenet ItsAlvah#1547