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Demonized Λngels

Mission Statement

We thrive to provide a safe and friendly community where you can meme, hangout, play games, and make friends with chill and like-minded people.

You don't need to be "good" at your favorite games to have fun with the right people, and our goal is to be somewhere where you can find those people.

You can join here;

Although this might sound great, we're not a 'traditional' clan, meaning;
• We don't participate in competitive gameplay as a clan (individual members might)
• There are no tryouts. You're part of the group as soon as you accept our rules

Additional Notes/Warnings;
Unfortunately, we don't have as many active members as we'd like, a lot come and go, and that makes it difficult to start an active community, but to end on a good note, that's where you come in: if you decide to join and stay active regardless of the server's activity, then you're helping us be one step closer to our goal.
Our server can tend to have mature content to some extent, if you're sensitive to that, you probably shouldn't join
We appear to have a lot of rules, but this is due to having to thoroughly explain them. We actually have a lot less than it looks like;
Must be 13 or older, although 18+ is suggested due to mature content
    • No discrimination or harassment
    • Post content in their correct channels (to prevent filling channels with incorrect content)
    • No begging or impersonation of other members and staff



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