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Mission Statement

Ascendance is always actively recruiting more players to join our ranks. We currently have a core of players with a vast experience across multiple games and are looking for a few select players to join us in Destiny 2. Our main target when turning our efforts to any game is to be the best we can, in all aspects of the game. Our goals are simple and we will do whatever it takes to accomplish them, from PvE strikes and raids to PvP crucible and competitive play, everything the game throws at us.

We are a collection of gamers with history branching from all forms of games achieving great success over the years. Originally founded in 2007 on World of Warcraft, Ascendance has always existed in some form since. What we expect from you shouldn't come as any surprise, high level gameplay, competitive ambition, dedication and attendance to strive for better. If you want to know more information complete the form on the website and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.




Hey, I was trying to find a way to contact someone in this clan.  I tried twitter, but couldn't find any concrete information on discord or anything else for direct communication.  I've already applied, I was just wondering if there was any followup I might need to do?