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All Stars - eSports

Mission Statement

Since its inception in 2020, All Stars has established itself as the world’s most prominent and influential gaming organization in 2021 known for its disruptive original content and hyper-engaged global fanbase of 10 thousand combined across all social platforms.

All Stars holds an unrivaled position at the epicenter of gaming, sports, culture and entertainment, driving how the next generation consumes content, plays and shops.

Our roster of influential personalities consists of world-class gamers, engaging content creators and a mix of talented "trick-shotters" and more. 

All Stars has an unmatched esports division/league that includes nine competitive teams in Fortnite, FIFA, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Rocket League, VALORANT and CS:GO, and more.





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7th Dec 2021 - 1:16am

Hi, im hazzaa, i am a OCE comp fortnite player, trying to grow in the community and it would be an honnor to join your clan.