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About Zoey_FortniteGamer

Hi, my name is Zoey, and I have been playing fortnite since Chapter One, Season 7. I am thirteen years old and I am looking for a fortnite clan to hopefully take me and possibly train me to get better. From the NA West Servers of the USA, I am decent -and kind of a wannabe sweat- at the game, but I would like to take another approach and try to really go on the competitve path. (People might say I'm casual but I try not to be) I have been in many clans before but most of them have been fails or "not clans". Playing on Xbox -yes, I know, IT'S A CONTROLLER PLAYER- I have always been happy to make new friends and have fun with others my age. I would love to get the opportunity to know the fortnite atmosphere in a way of pure grind and affection. Playing Arena, touraments, and grinding the game out has been one of the most saving things of my life. I have been gaming since I was a little girl, first playing Mario Kart on a Nintendo 64 and an Xbox 360 from my dad. Why am I telling you all this? Well. It's simple. I want you to know for all who I am when it comes to gaming. 
  • If you want to know more, you can check out my Youtube channel at SOF Box_Maven (I am currently in the process to try to help out friends of mine who want to do stuff for the SOF Clan. All I am saying is that I am a co-owner but am trying to figure out another solution where we could all try to get into another clan to have fun and get competitive) (Also, my two videos posted on my Youtube channel are some really bad edited montages. They were posted either more then 6 months or a year ago, just letting you know, I RECOMMEND YOU NOT CHECK THEM OUT FOR CONFIRMATION! THE CLIPS ARE BAD AS HECK! 
  • Also, if you want to contact me for more information, I have a discord under Zoey_DiscordGoals#7143. I would appreciate it a lot if you had the time to maybe reach out and see if we can plan something out. 
  • I am a family friendly person and I don't cuss...... (I can cope with it though, if I have too)
I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful day and a goodnight! '''