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About Vital_8891

Hi my names josh aka Vital in game. I am a family man with 2 kids and a wife. i work a full time job as a supervisor for a very successful paint company. I live in canada, calgary alberta. I have been a gamer since i was just a little kid, i am now 33 years old and still haven't lost my determination or love for gaming. I used to be hardcore in to starcraft 2 playing for 13 years, brood war and startcraft 2. i was a masters protoss and a masters zerg. Ended up leaving to go play cs-go for 5 years almost making global elite, ended up leaving due to too many cheaters. Left cs-go and got into dota 2 and have been playing dota 2 off and on for 5 years then got serious about dota 2 years ago and have loved the game ever since. I have now gotten into fortnite and am determined to get better at it every day trying my best, but finding myself with a lack of friends in the fornite gaming area. Still will be playing dota as well but right now im having to much fun on fortnite and a desire to get so much better at it. I am looking to join a clan to hopefully meet some people that will help me develop more skill with building and editing as well as just having mabey a crew i can play with every day instead of always playing solos and getting wrecked by the skill level im in. I would love to develop enough skill to take part in tournaments or cups with a friend or even myself and be confident going into fights. Thx for listing guys