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Hi. I'm the owner of VIDDRAGONS also known as VID. We would want you to play for our team. We are recruiting 15+ We have a website: HOME | Viddragons E Sports ( We have two merch stores: VID DRAGONS E-Sports - Playmakers Wanted and VID Dragons E-Sports | Official Merchandise | Bonfire Then if you are really interested here is our discord link:   Other than that we would love to have you in our community or even on our pro team. We are small but it will take time and I know me saying it's small might be a little bit of a bummer but... We have the potential to be a big ORG we have all the essentials. But... all we need is a good team to put us on the map. And prove that we are the best. So I'll ask you again, are you in? Remember to join our discord:  (We are PC Only)  We want and are willing to make your (Pro Gaming Dreams) come true. We know what you need and we know what we need. We know you need a team, We know you need a stable and reliable organization that can fund things you need for example... Tournament fees overlay logos and most importantly a set salary. But.. what we need from you is a great, mechanically gifted, and communicative player. That has to be you. If your not into that sort of thing then you can apply to be a staff member, a streamer/content creator, or even an animator for logo design and stream overlay and intros as well as video editing. Anyway, the point is what you need we have in this organization. So... Go to our discord, apply and check out our community. I'll see you there. Website- HOME | Viddragons E Sports ( Merch Site1- VID DRAGONS E-Sports - Playmakers Wanted Merch Site2- VID Dragons E-Sports | Official Merchandise | Bonfire Requirements - 15 or older - have to have over a 1.20 KDR - You have to fill out the applications for comp player, content creator, and for staff : - Comp Player Apply-… - Content Creator Apply-… - Staff Apply-…   - You also need to have Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Reddit to promote  - You have to post frequently on your socials   The last thing is to follow our socials: - Reddit: VIDDRAGONS E-Sports (u/Odd-Apricot-8220) - Reddit -Twitter: VIDDRAGONS E-Sports (@viddragons) / Twitter -YouTube: (67) VIDDragons E-Sports - YouTube   Thank You For Taking Our Team Into Consideration.