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About UnknownVelocity

Uv- stands for Unknown Velocity. This is a fortnite based clan and we are looking to grow and become one of the best. Currently there is only two members in the clan and we are looking for people that would be intrested in joining and becoming apart of the team. Requirements-Must have a decent microphone eg no echo coming from the microphone or any other background noises, so will be nice and clear. must be able to speak english as myself and the other member of the clan can only speak english. what is not allowed-Being toxic is not allowed, being racist or being disrespectful towards also not allowed. also we will be playing on cross platform so there will be pc and xbox the game so just a heads up as not everyone like coming against someone on mouse and keyboard. if you are intrested please message I BathTub I or Leaavz on xbox or message our instagrams Leaders instagram- c1oudz.uv co leaders instagram- hxrry.ig__ leader- I Bathtub I Co leader- Leaavz Thank you and hopefully see you soon .