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Hi my name is Noah and i own a clan called TSA(Team Soaring Assassins.)We have a team of 9 very good,pro fortnite mainly players.Any platforms.If you want to join the clan then you have to 1v1 me as i am the clan leader(im not the best in the team)if you beat me and i have 2 or less kills (creative 5 kills)then you go straight into my clan but if you beat me and i have 3 or more kills then you get in the clan but you have to 1v1 my second leader and if you beat him your probably going into the main pro squad.At least have 3 skins but if not then you have to be really really really good.We have our main squad then our main duo then our main solo whoever has the most solo wins that season.We accept any platform and if you join feel free to give ideas for any aspect of the clan.Don't get ragey or salt or toxic if someone beats you in a 1v1 its just for fun and whenever you see a clan member online feel free to do some training on creative codes with them (eg.aiming,building,editing.etc.) If you want to join text me @ these socials ig.noah.ig:instagram noaah_xoxo:snapchat (TSA)ACE#1722:Discord tsaace:twitch just started YT FLEX GAMER:Xbox gamertag RYZE D3STROYED:Epic name