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About Tiirath

Greetings,The Lords Of Fenrir [TLOF] are a UK based clan..

"We are a community, We Stand together, If we get divided we fall."

We want to create a close nit team of players in the UK or people from out side of the UK that want or need to play in the UK time zone.

Players will work together on PVE and PVP. This clan is to help all others with anything if available.

We do everything destiny has to offer.


We also play other games on Xbox so as not to burn out and keep things fresh.

If you have a solid knowledge of Raids please let me know as we want fill out Raid Team Leaders.

You must have a head set, speak English and want to play Destiny 2 on Xbox One.

If you want to join then please message me on XBOX, with your Xbox gamer tag, and the light levels of your Titan, Warlock, and Hunter class, along with how much of the classes subclass your have completed.

My XBOX gamer ID is Tiirath.